Commission Info

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Colored Sketches

Simple & Clean. No WIPs, No Background, No Changes.

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Flat Color

Clean, Graphic Black Lines and Solid Colors. Simple Background. Sketch + Lineart WIPs, Changes OK @ Sketch and Marking Phases.

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Our Most Popular Commission Type. All the same features as Flat Color, but with Dynamic Graphic Shading. Upgrade to a Complex Background for the "WOW" Factor.

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Full Painting

Softer Shading, Detailed Lighting, Detailed Backgrounds, You Name It. Prices Vary Greatly Per Project, Price is Lowest Estimate. Please Contact Artist for Exact Pricing

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Reference Sheets

A Must-Have for Every Furry. Work with the artist to design your Custom Character or get a clean start for an existing design.

Additional Notes:
All prices are the base cost of a commission. They will go up for more complex illustrations and character designs. Prices are per character, tax not included. Prices are in USD and all payment must be through Invoices. Artist reserves the right to refuse service for any client or character that may not fit with their style or art or work, or anything that may make them uncomfortable. For a complete list of "Will Not Draw," or for any further clarification regarding pricing and Terms of Service, please contact the artist directly. Thank you for understanding.