The Artist

Early History & Education


Entropy (They/Them) is a full time Freelance Artist based out of Eastern Tennessee. They attended Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design for their BFA from 2012-2015 while selling art commissions online in their spare time. Graduating summa cum laude in Art Education with a Focus in Illustration, they then went on to achieve their MFA in Education, Leadership + Emerging Technology a year later. Entropy’s Arts launched as a full-time business in the Spring of 2018. Stay up to date with our Blog to find out what they do next.

Image on Left is their Dealers Den Table at Anthrocon 2023.

The Blog

Evolving the Brand

Our Mission of Representation & Inclusivity

Entropy's Arts has one major goal: to create artwork that emphasizes and encourages body positivity, LGBTQIA+ Pride, diversity, and love. They design apparel with all bodies and identities in mind, with mousepads, t-shirts, enamel pins, prints, badges, and so much more representing this all-inclusive mission. It is Entropy's greatest dream to provide a safe space for every member of the community in the form of art and design.

Image on Right is Entropy with a large printed staff art banner they painted for Texas Furry Fiesta 2023.

The Gallery

Building the Business

The Life of a "Con Artist"

Entropy has sold at over 40 US conventions but most notability has vended at Further Confusion (San Jose, CA '24) Midwest Furfest (Chicago, IL '19-'22) Anthrocon (Pittsburgh, PA '19-'24,) Megaplex (Orlando, FL '19-'24) Texas Furry Fiesta (Dallas, TX '20, '22-'24), Furry Weekend Atlanta (Atlanta, GA '19-'24,) Denfur (Denver, CO'21,) and Biggest Little Fur Con (Reno, NV '21,) having made the Dealers List at 8 of the Top 10 Largest Furry Conventions in the world and countless other events across the nation. They have also recently launched an adult-centric brand aimed at bringing their Mission of Representation to the Queer Kink Community.

Entropy is currently a Staff Artist and has done professional contracted Artwork for Texas Furry Fiesta and Megaplex for the last several years. Image on Left is Entropy with a Staff Artist Banner done for Texas Furry Fiesta 2023. Interested in hiring them for your project? See their Portfolio and Pricing at the Link Below.

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